Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Thank you Adam for confirming what I said. If we look at the past for an example, in 2012 , it took them 5 months to notify everyone about SORNA being appilied retroactively.
I told you guys. Be patient. It will happen. Why spend time and money in something they are going to do for you without any effort or money on your part. Let PSP do the heavy lifting.
We just have to be patient. It will be exiciting to see what the General Assemvly does with 1952. It was billed as a “Muniz Fix”. Let’s see if they try to claim Pre-Sorna has to stay on or if they will concede the point and just focus on people from this point on
I truly believe they thought SCOTUS was going to vacate and reverse. I hope they learned their lesson and remove the public registry. Every one deserves the chance to receive forgiveness.