Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I just got off the phone with the Lawyer for the AG office.. . . . .

She admits not being ready to take on the facts that I have put before the court.

She praise me for the filings and said that she needed a continuance to get all the facts straight. She asked me not to object to any delay that she need time to find out what is going on in my case.

IN a Mandeamus there should be no delays unless you need discovery or witness supports that time is needed to find the witness.

In my case there is none of that at all. The PAG ask me to please understand that she has a heavy case load and don’t want to get bogged in fight on MUNIZ which in her words was – I quote her – “Mr. Terry brunson your case is too clear to gloss over. We may not have to go before a Judge if you are willing to let me get your file and I can take you off the PSP registry next week if you don’t fight me[.]

I was shocked. She said that I don’t have a lawyer and I can deal with her and she asked me what is is that I am trying to get. I told her I need to get off the Registry because there is no more Megan’s Law 3 to hold me to. She agreed and I told her that HB 1952 is coming down the pike next.

Me not getting a judicial determination from a court would put me right back under the PSP registry after PSP gives the 90 day notice to put me under HB 1952 She had no idea of what I was taking about.

See HB 1952 is not law now, but when it becomes law it will over ride our deal Her as the PAG and me as the Pro Se RSO. If the court is not in on it I could get fucked. I will have a victory and be off the registry for a short time only to be put back on it.

I told her I need a Judge determination and she ask me to re think that. . . . To me a judge decision would be published and other could read my case and use it to win their case behind me. I realize that I don’t have a layer I am my own lawyer but I know my case so well as if I was a lawyer.

I trust her but I don’t trust that PSP will honor the agreement she and I make to get me off next week. and HB 1952 come down as Law and in 90 days I am right back under the registry under HB 1952 requirements. I could always file judicial determination under HB 1952…..