Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


to brian, mods and everyone, thank for lawyer link. However, I feel compelled to warn anyone about that specific attorney by the name Elisabeth K.H. Pasqualini, SORNA/Megan’s Law Attorney, Harrisburg, PA. (after a Google search, yes that friend of many, Google)
I had contacted this lady back in 2012 when I received my letter for SORNA changes and my increase to 15 years from 10. I had only one question and one only one and was hoping for a “free” consultation (customary by many lawyers unless high profile, but still at their decision) before deciding if to hire her (I had a good job at that time, until I was fired for an allegation as it is all it takes, no charges ever filed). I asked my question as follows “What is the meaning of this letter, its effects and my legal rights to exercise?” so, Attorney Pasqualini proceeded to ask me for $75 to speak to me. (yes, just like that!) I answered that I had lost my income recently that same year and my unemployment was the only thing to keep me afloat. She then said she or her office billing process I guess, took credit cards. I rudely hung up and I am not typically a rude person.

My point, be aware that there are many money hungry “attorneys” ready to tell you things, fill your eyes, take your money regardless of outcome. It is a sick business! Law is a rotten institution or industry just like how the health and education systems have become as of late. It is sad! Be careful! Class action seems to be the most financially reasonable approach.

to the optimist chuck, I have been waiting a long time while on this unconstitutional law…now illegally so ruled as of last summer and still waiting…dude I am tired of waiting Sir. They do not seem to take their time to hurt us, to hurt our families, to hurt people though the saying goes “To serve and protect” and the hypocritical “For Public Safety” statements to excuse abuses and circumventing the laws to their will.

OK, I am done. Go ahead and disagree since we are not an united bunch statewide and I know there will be that one to disagree and say how awesome and righteous all “the Laws, judges, attorneys, LEOs or the government systems are”! Any takers on my comment?