Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I will say this as slo’ and sho’ as I can about HB 1952.

The PA Senate will ask this hard question about HB 1952. . . . . . .

Which the PA house never gave HB 1952 chance to be questioned. It was a knee jerk on public safety that all voted on 188 – 0

BUT HB 1952 is a bill that is titled as a fix – to MUNIZ injustice to pull off all the punitive stuff – – But But But HB 1952 would only help low risk RSO’s done their ten years – HB 1952 puts a nail in the head of MUNIZ decision that is to help all 10,000 RSO’s on Pa registry. No but HB 1952 Cuts Muniz decision into a pie.

The PASC gave MUNIZ decision as a precident case to help all 10,000 RSO’s in PA get off the registry. That is what the PASC voted as the law.

PSP don’t like that they said so in their Amaricrius brief to the SCOTUS in Freed support to over turn MUNIZ

The PSS and PAG and the Pa. judicial committee don’t want Muniz to stand on its own to help all. They want to cut the muniz decision of the PASC into automatic relief for some under MUNIZ and judicial determination for others. That is what HB 1952 does can any one see this big over sight of JUST – US? HB 1952 hurts the hall of Justice on MUNIZ than helps it. How can HB 1952 be a MUNIZ FIX?

What is it Fixing? It it seem to divide rather than unit. . . Any one see this?