Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

You are a Pre-Sorna person – Muniz decision will take you back to Ten years x 1 a year update time. Muniz alone will give you this automatically. from 2010 to 2021 – You say this is 11 year instead of Ten years? I don’t kow where the extra year come from but you should have an in date and an ending date.

The PSP has that date for you. If that ending date takes you beyond ten years – and add one year to your time – that is punitive and against Muniz decision. It is even against HB 1952 also and you can file a mandamus as soon as you have a PSP ending date in writing in a letter from the PSP adding a extra year to your 10 year conviction date of 2010.

You can file for Judicial determination – by mandamus to get the PSP to notice the miss count in your ending date by adding one year. Your right to court decision will be based on Muniz. It prohibits increase punishments to Pre-SORNA people like you.

HB 1952 also would help you for it has the judicial determination provision to aid you as well. You know your case better than any one – Mandamus relief is a writ that can be filed as soon as you realize that your rights are in violation and you can file to demand relief at any time.

If you have good grounds and the relief sought is clear – the Court will hear you and give you relief .

I myself just want to stay at Muniz decision without this HB 1952 stuff. It is masked as a MUNIZ fix but it is old Megan’s Law rules with the punitive stuff taken off it. Hoping the PASC will see it as Civil again and not criminal in increase punishment. I pray the that PASC will not allow HB 1952 to stand as a fix of MUNIZ – that MUNIZ fixed.

HB 1952 is an attack bill that targets only these people- Pre-SORNA from April 1996 and before 20 December 2012.

That is discrimination to pick out a group to pick on by Pa. Constitution Article 1 Section 26. when a Sub-government units like Judicial Committee – PAG – and PSP practicing discrimination against a targeted group (Pre-SONRA people). It is a no win battle. The Pa law people should just let Muniz do the thing it was created to do. Bring justice we need. The Pa. judicial Committee and PAG and the PSP want to limit the Muniz decision to only low risk RSO’s when Muniz was given to help all RSO’s in pa Pre-SORNA.

HB 1952 limits the Muniz decision to exclude people that still have time to be on the registry. It creates a problem for the people that should automatically should be off. HB 1952 divides pre-SORNA people into those who time expired ten years – those who still have time to go under ten years not done yet, and life time non -SVP and SVP pre-SORNA people. That dividing the HB 1952 is bothering the MUNIZ decision. It breaks it up. to seem as if Muniz is only for people that TEN is done[.] Can any one see what I am saying.

I argue this in my Mandamus and I am preparing to take the fight as high as MUNIZ had to go To the PASC. And show them that the HB 1952 is not a Muniz fix it is a MUNIZ decision divider that cuts it up in a way that the PASC never voiced it to be cut up into to help only pre-sorn people done. Comments please to terry brunson