Reply To: Do sex offender registries reinforce inequality?



Do we really need to ask such a question? Ask this what criteria must be met in order to fulfill the prescribed requirements for inequality? Well…let’s see the rules that are established for ex offenders ! Residency, travel……and alllllll that continues to escalate, sounds like a textbook and many times over…… literal examples of every discrimination one can imagine or find in a person ! What proof ! or how much proof !, does the legal system need to establish grounds or a basis for addressing preposterous impediments, imposed on citizens after confinement ! What biased and unreasonable restrictions are to be carried by individuals trying to maintain balance and a just way to live while struggling with laws that burden and oppress unjustly those who in many cases were and are not guilty of ones entire plea deal or trial……etc ! Hello ! We need to have a greater impact on governing officials!