Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



I saw your comment on cumberlink. I love it. Also, I think people are just scared becuase they feel as though their ability to be removed is going to be taken away by 1952. It might. However, all pre- Sorna have at least 5 years in. Which means all 10 year people are at least half way done. I can remember when I first registered Thinking 10 years was a long time. This July will be 8 years since I had that thought. I have been off parole for 6 years, yet it feels like yesterday I got off.
I think the courts are finally getting tired of the registry treating us like we don’t count. In the last few years SCOTUS has either denied cert or upheld restrictions on sex offender registries in 4 different cases. 2 of them involved North Carolina.
The tide is changing not only for sex offenders but also for felons in general.
People forget the Law is a shield and a sword. It protects the victims and fight for the rights for all.