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Oh! It goes way the heeeeell beyond stings, I and a close buddy have crazy things happen to us! Recently…….Im in a public place one fine afternoon and a classy looking business lady had a girl of let’s say 10 or 11 and she sat on one bench and I sat on the other across from her! Well she was in her middle 30s and white the girl was black the girl was playing bouncing around twisting, she had some personal items and dropped one on the ground so I politely bent down and as I was picking it up I saw the girls snatch …..! ….WTF !!! I’m stunned! I back off ! The lady looks at me ….stares at me and I begin to fumble for my phone! And kept going further and further away! So I’m telling my buddy is this REAL SHeeeeeet happening! And he ….starts with his story, a girl of 15 or 16 wearing no bra bends down to get her whatever in a restaurant and stays like that until she makes sure, he sees her boobs! Before he can react she’s on her way! When I was 18 a 17 girl a flirted with came into my home a started riding on top of me when I was asleep! Now I pushed her off and said what the Heeeeeeellll you doing! She could have been impregnated or some disease! Do think I ran to the police station, and filed rape charges and had her imprisoned and register for life! Ruining her forever for a quickie ? Because the girl was horny and liked me? One beeeech spoke up when I spoke of this and demanded that I should have! I angrily replied….it’s my right to call it rape! or to prosecute ! Or forgive! , ! When I was underage another girl underage who’s mother knew she was sexually threw herself on me coming out of the shower one day and my buddy at the time told watch out she wants to get pregnant ! , ! Hellllllllooooooooo! , audience ! We the men in society are not the sick pervs and aggressors and out of control testosterone gorillas that the media calls monsters!,,,,we are men ….and we need to be deeeeeeeply honest about sex and not be BIASED! PREJUDICE ! And have fixed or preconceived ideas of what’s really happening around us ! HELLO! Anyone listening! , !