Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I think Terry is going to win here within a few weeks. Pay the $70.00 and just file a writ like terry did. I am sure Terry would be willing to explain it to you if you have him your email address.

Do pay thousands for someone to spend 1 hour filing out paperwork and another hour filing out briefs to get the same result you can for $70.00.
I am in no hurry whether getting off in s few months or in July 2021 it is the same for me.

If they amended Megan’s Law so that the public couldn’t access your profile and you could register online from your home, I wouldn’t be so against Megan’s Law. I would still think it is illegal but it wouldn’t be so bad. With these changes, you just want to know where I live. Ok, DMV knows where I live and so does my Dr, bank, credit card company etc etc.
However, they could not do that becuase then they wouldn’t be able to shame you.