Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I would agreed with what the attorney said. However, HB 1952 could change all that. Or, it might not change a thing. I just know that the Pa General wouldn’t go to the trouble of passing HB1952 if they didn’t believe it would impact PRE-SORNA people. This does not mean the courts will agree with 1952.

All I am saying it waiting 30-60 to see how things shake out isn’t going to effect anyone. If 1952 does affect Pre-Sorna people, then it’s a Ex post facto law and it’s going to effect you whether your on the registry or have been removed when 1952 goes into effect.

The Attorney General is not going to order the PSP to remove names just to tell them 2 months later they have to put those people back on.
I truly believe they thought SCOTUS was going to st least hear oral argument. I bet the Pa General Assembly is shocked they got back a denial so quickly.
I want off the registry just like each and every one of us here. However, I refuse to allow getting off the registry to consume my life. Life sucks like hell on the registry but I have figured out a way to at least to make it somewhat bearable.
My brothers, please enjoy the life you have. Please do not fall for the myth that once you are off the registry that will solve all of your problems. You will still have a criminal charge. In my case, I will still be a felon.
Terry and I have been saying from the get go that the stay was for the Federal question and not the state question.
I am personally waiting until the legal landscape is s little more clear before I make a decision as how to proceed. I believe if I just sit tight, things will work out. Time will tell.