Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian
When the SCOTUS given an order of denial – operation of law kicks in and the SCOTUS clerk has 10 days to return the Muniz case file the SCOTUS was going to review.

Once the Harriburg Pathanotary get the Muniz files back – they send Muniz file to PASC clerk for check in. The most important paper is the SCOTUS order list 583 U.S. page 6 case 17-575 Muniz petition for writ of certiorari denial.
SCOTUS returns jurisdiction to PASC and order is to remand for execution judicial law to PAG to PSP and that 10 day date is 5 Feb 2018. That is when the PASC will give order to PAG. It can be before then but no later than 10 days.

The MUNIZ decision will be in full effect of equal protection of due process right Precedent case law in PA to be used to claim rights . You and I can use Muniz in a way to get off the registry right away. For many this will be automatic – other may have to fight and file judicial determinations in court.

If HB 1952 shows up during the Muniz decision mandate. . . . PSP will give their 90 day notice to all that will be under HB 1952. They will have 90 days to comply with HB 1952. While in compliance a mandamus can be files for injunction relief to challenge HB 1952. While in court you have to stay in compliance until the judicial determination is made. If you win – HB 1952 has a provision that says the PSP and PAG can appeal and on appeal a stay on your case will be enforce. If you will the appeal. You will be off the registry then .

And a remand order will go to the PSP in 10 days to take you off HB 1952 requirements. But most that challenge HB 1952 will win un Muniz -Butler and Nieman. Mostly MUNIZ. That is a fact jack……….