Reply To: Does v. Stein hearing set for February 6

Tim Lawver

Ahhh the North Carolina legislature… of packingham.. One more kid made ineligible to be part of the political class. Made unelectable early in their lives boys like yours. Perfect execution in favor of the two parties ma’am. Your not going to convince me the two parties will rig carte blanche, see gerrymandering.

Our national press spends airtime concerning the integrity of the polls. Illegal voting they call it too. Voting rights are removed from registrants, and felons in general while they serve sentences. In the case of sexually oriented offenders voting often happens to be in school’s when restored. Felon making is a necessary business for any govt, but this nation loves a victim even when they are actually not. In some ways hurting someone’s feelings is a felony.

If I were you I would call the clerk and inquire.