Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


@ Robin and all at NARSOL

I for one am incredibly thankful and feel very blessed to have NARSOL as a resource. If I actually had any money I would love to donate to NARSOL to support all of you as a thank-you. If you were in Pennsylvania and nearby I would bake you my award winning chocolate, peanut butter chip cookies… and while there’s a chance you’re in PA, I’m going to guess probably not, so all I can offer is my heartfelt thanks, and that me and my family pray for all of you that have helped us get as far as we have with our wins with the registry. I was convicted in 2010, 10 years with 1 x reporting. When SORNA came out I was changed to 25 years, 2 x reporting. I know that there are all sorts of legal thoughts out there as to what might and should happen to me – being taken off because I am pre Sorna and Megan’s Law 1, 2, 3 were expired… that I should go back to 10 years 1 x reporting, but might have to go before a judge with my own money for a lawyer and court costs when my time expires instead of just timing off… I don’t know what will happen. At least going back to 10 years, 1 x reporting is a win of sorts (because if it is judicial determination I am certain that others who might have money might fight and appeal because that’s punitive, at least from my perspective)… and knowing that there are people fighting and educating on our behalf is comforting in and of itself.

As much as we can all be impatient, ungrateful jerks, I simply wanted to say Thank-you again to you and everyone else at NARSOL.