Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Terry

Here’s a stupid question… I was convicted in 2010, with 10 years on the registry. Bumped up to 25 years 2 x reporting and should be getting relief to at least go back down to 10 with only 1 x reporting – although it’s really 11 years with the base year then 10, which is crap… My understanding from listening to you is that HB 1952 will have it so that I need a judicial determination to get off the registry when 2021 comes around… Looking at it from my perspective how is it NOT punitive if I have to go before a judge spending money that I do NOT have for a lawyer and court costs for the CHANCE to be removed from something that should simply time off? Let’s say you forget the OVER-ALL Ex Post Facto thing because the Megan’s Law 1, 2, and 3 were expired because for the sake of argument the courts agree that enough is gone and it is civil and not punitive – I don’t believe this, but Devil’s advocate here…. Isn’t that last part in and of itself punitive ex post facto because it’s adding on to my punishment and requirements just like the PASC ruled with Muniz?

I am open to thoughts on this from anyone and everyone else and not just Terry…