Reply To: Helping Florida’s sex offenders: “Somebody has to do it.”


•Since then, Ron Book has made it his mission to keep anyone convicted of a sex crime away from kids•

Yeah sure, Ron, we all see how that helped YOUR daughter. I’m quite positive Mr. Book did a background check and this nanny came up clean. So…background checks = bullshit.
They don’t tell you the FUTURE of the person you’re hiring. Keeping “convicted” sex offenders away from kids didn’t stop an un-convicted woman from committing a sex offense against HIS kid did it? Nnnnnnnope!

•“I’m very sensitive to the perspective of the victims and their families. I get it,” he says. “But a hopeless person is a dangerous person.”•

So anyone who gets convicted of what a legislative team deems an “offense” is somehow dangerous? I don’t like when we keep kissing the asses of the law makers and the general public by saying what they WANT to hear. We need to start saying what they NEED to be told.
If the legislature decided to make scratching an itch on your crotch a “sexual” offense, does that mean people who scratch their itch are dangerous?

•Adam says that he downloaded a lot of illegal songs and movies. In March 2015, he downloaded a file that he says turned out to show two girls, 14 and 15, on a bed, clothed but kissing•

Now THERE’S a “dangerous” fellow!

•The probation officers she’s spoken to say they’re happy•

The probation officers need to shut up. In many states that don’t have state restrictions for sex offenders, it’s the probation conditions that make people homeless and struggle.
I don’t want to hear from probation officers unless they’re going to be honest and admit that in many cases they are part of the problem. But who expects honesty from an agent of law enforcement? I damn sure don’t.