Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

This is the real deal on HB 1952- It is a knee jerk law. . hiding behind public safety.

All Megan’s Laws expired at SORNA enactment date 20 December 2012

At Muniz decision of 19 July 2017 SORNA – Left Pa. with no revert Megan’s Law to put people back on. SORNA won’t apply to Pre- SORNA people.

The PSP and Judaical committee got nervous that 10,00 RSO’s would be let off registry.

Freed Cert to SCOTUS from MUNIZ to buy time to deal with the issue knowing it would be denied.

HB 1952 puts up as Muniz fix.

Cert is denied

PSP is in a holding pattern until remand order. . . .

PSP wants HB 1952 to become law ASAP

When that PASC remand order comes to the PSP they will find a way to delay removing names some how until HB 1952 help shows up.

Yall will see as time passes the true colors of The PSP

The PASC as 10 days to give the remand. the denial was 22 January 2018

Ten days will be February 5, 2018

On that date – the PSP will get word to remove name by court order and they must follow it.

As ordered. like it or not. . . . . Muniz decision will be in effect. Feb 5, 2018 onward.

If HB 1952 makes Law status – There is a MUNIZ provision of a judicial determination that pre-SORNA people can demand to not be under PSP registry requirements.

Am I correct so far? I need to know. I don’t want to mis lead. Any correction? I will wait for comments. Then I will clear the air on how to fight HB 1952