Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Please, we need official and legal clarification here! Stop with all the “I think” or “It may be” “It should be” etc. comments! Just please everyone doing it stop! You are adding to the confusion many have while answering no questions accurately.

Narsol, for the love of what you advocate for, get someone that has accurate to the moment factual verifiable information that someone can be held accountable for if they cause someone harm for it being false! Then provide a way for people to get access to free legal aid on this current cause as needed, to get their rights exercised properly as may be needed! (If needed)

These politician are out of control! (many say and can see that, but no one marches). I have by myself at my local courthouse like a “dumbell weight”, with no support in years past (was arrested, then released after extensive interrogation). Was I afraid, heck yeah! But did it anyways. Stood for what I believed in for me and others. I have had enough! Organize! Stop producing for the system that supports these laws! (I know, scary! We need money to pay for things, I get it!)

I am tired. I am exhausted! I am mentally and physically drained! So many years of these games with people’s lives. Please, I beg of you all!