Reply To: NARSOL’s Vander Wall selected as JLUSA Fellow


Robin I’m sure you will do wel in all your speaking engagementsl. I’m sure a lot of us have been in a lot of these endavers with a lot of this sex offender issue and you know the truth hurts. Sure the truth hurts everybody, even Police and law enforcment. Trump said tonight Safety for our citys. Now imagine a police setting one up by giving this type of opportunity and after its said and done one is suaded to go down to meet them, no matter if its a park, park house, or what.
You’ve exchanged facal pictures, no nudes which they suggest or racy pictures as they say, and now your caught up even when they call you up to see why one is late coming down their, and you ask to back out they pursaude you more with some come on what would happen we are meeting in the park or something like that.

So lets say “Safety for our City” and yes the police have the right to set you up. So who’s giving the opportunity for that Safety and duping in all this? Sure we can all make a decision or choice to find out for sure about this con but those in blue see it in a different light. Now who know’s a man’s thought.. does anybody on this board.. or much less the police force.