Reply To: Minnesota sex offenders challenge residency restrictions


“Not all sex offenders are rehabilitated, or want to be.”


Not all sex offenders need to be “rehabilitated”. Rehabilitated from what? When you do something on a whim or ‘heat of the moment’, that doesn’t require anything to be rehabilitated from. Nope. Not even drunk driving.
Let’s say it’s your 21st birthday and you’re taken out by friends to have your first legal drink.
It’s your BIRTHDAY. You’re 21, You’re young, you’re friends are young. You get a little too carried away. You end up getting tipsy and doing something stupid. Does this make you an alcoholic? Nope. It doesn’t. But the LAW will drive that alcohol abuse all the way to Pluto and back in the court room and you’ll end up taking an drug/alcohol treatment class.
Same can be said about a lot of sexual offenses. Those older/younger flings, yeah, not exactly something that need “rehabilitation”. Those adults who screwed in the bathroom at a night club for the mere fun of it – also don’t need to be rehabilitated.
When we keep bringing up things like rehabilitation, we are playing into exactly what L.E. and the courts and the prisons and the probation dept’s WANT us to say. We MUST feel extremely HORRIBLE for being HUMAN, otherwise, we are deemed “predators”.

I need rehabilitation from smoking. I smoke like a chimney. I go through 2 packs a day sometimes. THAT is something I need to be rehabilitated from. But I don’t and didn’t NEED sex offender rehabilitation. Those S.O. groups are a damn joke. It’s all about $$$$