Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Terry we need to get everyone in the courts now flood the courts everyone pre SORNA is due relief now. Unless PSP gives a firm procedure and time line on this stating they are not waiting for new bill We have to act ASAP NARSOL should have had resources available months ago to the thousands due relief in PA. I have a IA7 and a SAC possession from 2003 both 10yr plead and convicted same dates and hearings. We need templates for people with a single 10yr and another for people that have two or more 10yr that are due relief from A.S. as well as Muniz. We can not count on PSP not fighting this because you can see they chose not to define the two or more clause kept the same as old bills even though they know the high court ruled the two or more has to be separate convictions separated by a period of time to reform I can almost promise you PSP will play stupid or delay on this all over again. We need to help all these people now. I can’t believe no one is seeing this happen before our eyes