Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Cary I am not sure why you think your cases is different than the 4000 plus cases due relief from Muniz all those people have 10yr reg with has expired. The time PSP is asking for and stated they need is 18 mo to go thru the cases just like yours and mine Somehow you think your different because you know a trooper in the next co. The bill has nothing to do with PSPs plan to slow this down for cases like mine and yours they want to hire more people and get more money and drag it out as long as they can so then they can bring in the new law if it gets passed and then use the bill and the courts to delay people even more all under the guise of not having time to make sure your case is ready to be approved to come off make any sense When you make up things like getting off by July with no facts that creates false hope for people that may be in the process of filing a writ to force PSP to comply with the PASC When Chuck tells people they will not have to finish their 10yrs it keeps people from filing a writ when they can get off reg now that there is a denial of cert and no law to go back on thats a small window of opportunity for them. If people have the ability to file pro se or hire an attorney to file they should do so now if they are pre SORNA NARSOL should have har resources in place long ago for these thousands in PA due relief I am beginning to see an effort to sweep this stuff under the rug.