Reply To: Minnesota sex offenders challenge residency restrictions


OK, I guess I can add more. I was released from prison and was on conditional release, which is to me and other offenders Illegal, as it is a sentence given to serve after you have already served your sentence. It is given because of the type of crime, DWI offenders also serve a conditional release sentence. NO other offender class has this requirement. I guess we are the most dangerous offenders or that it’s OK by society standards to be robbed, stolen from, burglarized, Etc many times. Even Murders who are released do not have these conditions placed on them. Seems strange to me. Back to subject at hand, when I was released after serving my complete sentence, to include conditional release I had to live in a tent, at a campground, until I was able to find a apartment / room I could rent. I had saved money well in prison to pay for a month of rent, and have bus fair etc.Not all offenders do this. I also had great family and friends to help me as much as they could. I still can not live in the city that I grew up in or lived in all my life, as Duluth has a similar law as Dayton does. It really makes for a Us against Them situation, Many of the Level 3 offenders that get sent back are not for new crimes, or crimes at all. It’s because they can not find housing, their are lots of offender that can not be released do to not finding housing in their community of release. Thank you.