Reply To: Minnesota sex offenders challenge residency restrictions


Ok, I’ve waited a long time to chime in on this. I am a level 3 sex offender (as determined by the ECRC (End of Confinement Review Com, DOC) My crime was against a family member, not a stranger. First off on subject is the housing issue at hand, It is extremely hard a a level 3 offender, or Higher as persons who have been committed for their crime are released as a level 4. Under this level, the offender have 24 hour personnel that are with them where ever they go. Keep in mind at the cost to the state. For those of us whom have not been committed it is equally difficult to not only find housing, which is required by release conditions, but also to find a job to pay for housing etc. Try putting your face all over the broadcast media and in the paper and see what response you get when you go and apply for a job. Yes I get it we committed the crimes we did, we also have paid the required debt to society, and just like every other offender we should be left alone to return to society to be productive members. But with the policies in place it makes that very hard to do. I have coined the saying, “I feel like a leper in a leper colony” I understand the whole safety issue as well, but I can tell you as was discussed in this article that I a person Sex offender or other wants to commit a crime they will, no matter what controls or limits are on them. I look forward to more discussion on this matter. Thank you.