Reply To: Too young for sex, but old enough to murder



I partially agree with what you’re saying except for one thing: “human nature”. And human nature doesn’t care about jobs that are “positions of authority”.
I’ve always been of the belief that none of us know when or where we might meet the person of our dreams or just simply someone we’re attracted to (for those who aren’t into falling in love but would rather just have the pleasure of a sexual endeavor).
This is why I also am not fond of the whole “work place sexual harassment” boom that began to get out of control in the 1980’s.

If someone asks someone else on a date and that person is not interested, all he or she has to say is “no, but thanks anyway”. How difficult is that?
Too difficult as people would rather sue or get someone fired for being HUMAN.

Here’s a great TRUE example of that which happened to ME when I was a teenager:
I was working at a grocery store and I had 2 tickets to a concert which I bought with the intention of going with my best friend. Well, the store wouldn’t give him the night off but I had already requested it way in advance.
So there was this cashier who we always talked to (yeah, she was extremely pretty, ALL the male employees talked to her).
I asked her if she liked this particular band (it was Styx btw), and she said she did. So I asked her if she’d like to go with me since my friend got denied the night off. She said “Sure! I’d love to see them”.
The next day I go into work and get called to the office and told I am terminated for potential sexual harassment!!!!!!!
And I was just as “ballsy” then as I am now as as I walked out of the place, I passed by her register and made the comment to her face: “All you had to say was NO, you obnoxious bitch.”

At the rate we are going in this country, I wonder if anyone from the previous generation ever bothered to ask their parents; “Mom, how did you meet dad?”
Like seriously! This is sickening beyond sickening.