Reply To: Too young for sex, but old enough to murder

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

Hi, Maestro; to answer your ‘why not,’ because he represented the school district as an adult and in a position of authority over the students. I think the real problem is the school district allowing a teenage boy with the requisite supply of raging hormones to fill such a position. In the situation of two teenagers, your opinions are valid and I am basically in agreement. In the situation of an authority figure over a student, he has shown he cannot separate the authority figure from the teenage guy. He should have shown better judgement and restraint. We don’t expect teenage boys to show better judgement and restraint in such situations, but we do expect their coaches and teachers to do so. Parents have different expectations for their teens when it comes to their sexual activity, but I feel safe in saying that no parents send their young teens to school accepting that he or she will become sexually involved with a coach or teacher.
And I did make it clear I felt there was no element of perversion in the situation.