Reply To: NARSOL’s Vander Wall selected as JLUSA Fellow

Lance Martinez

The Judicial and Law Enforcement need to be challenged at every turn.

A brief example:

I was taken into custody (but not arrested or cuffed for a crime). Law enforcement took me to their pre-established rendezvous point. I was questioned and arrested at that park. For all intense and purposes when all was said and done it appears that I intended to commit a sex offense by meeting a juvenile at the park that I was taken to by law enforcement.

My attorney did not have enough good sense to question my arrest that I complained to her about. I did not intentionally go to the park. I was stopped in my car outside and away from the park and was on my way to a museum. At his deposition the arrestig detective who organized “the sting” claimed not to remember the arrest he organized. My attorney recommended from the very beginning for me to take a guilty plea and pushed that agenda until I negotiated a plea rather then risk 10 years of incarceration. There is much more to this conspiracy to set up a sting, arrest and imprisonment, not to mention the ex post facto laws for a lifetime to play a part in the life long Sex Offender Registry.