Reply To: Too young for sex, but old enough to murder


This bothers me….

“Should he work in a school setting? Almost certainly not, at least not for the foreseeable future.”

And why not? This 18 yr old had an affair with 1 female that he was interested in. I don’t see anything about having a harem of 14 yr old girls at his bedside.
If law enforcement stayed the hell out of these types of situations, then for all we know these two might have had a healthy relationship leading to marriage.

Hmmmm…maybe someone like Elvis Presley should not have been allowed to have anyone under 16 at his concerts since he chased after a 14 yr old when he was 24. Ah…but look what happened there; No law enforcement, no charges, no conviction AND….. he ends up marrying her.

Interesting eh? But the rest of us are just common “Joe Blows” who are perverted. And 1 rendezvous with 1 person who wins your interest means you wanna have sex with ALL the under age girls in the school. Smh. Unreal.

Hey, if a man is convicted of beating his wife or girlfriend half to death, should he be kept away from ever dating or marrying again for fear that he might abuse the next woman he’s with?
That’s how ridiculous that probation “rule” is and I can’t believe Sandy actually played into it in this article. Wow! Just wow!

And that is what helps to feed the “fear mongering”.