Reply To: NARSOL’s Vander Wall selected as JLUSA Fellow


While Robin has his ups and down’s like all of us on the registry lets let the facts speak for themselves. Fact is one either has a victim or doesn’t. One is either snagged or conned thru the internet by these sex sting operations or meets a under aged person in public and it goes from there. The internet duping is a bit hokey as anyone could be playing flip Wilson on the internet and dressing up like a teenaged gal. If your snagged in public that’s one thing but lured thru the internet to come on down, that is another matter
The focus should be on being snagged thru these internet sting operations. Remember Police are still Ministers, now I don’t know about you all but you tell me a minister that presents an opportunity to dupe others, to lie, entice, ask for new pictures, rubbers, etc, plus con one down to their house for immoral purposes. That is basically what it is. Any minister of God ordained should not give others an opportunity to sin or even give that opportunity to one via the internet. Are they some type of Devil’s advocate just like Eve was deceived in the Garden.
After my probation’s up, myself as well as others have a lifetime on the registry. Would that be fair to say? Talking with my councilor today he mentioned you mean you have to have a chaperone to go to church. I don’t know what happens after my probation is up but even this church thing is wrong that one has to have a chaperone.
If its all for public safety I would guess one would have to have a chaperone to drive a car than or what is public safety when most were not even in public but on an internet which is social media and nobody knows except the person that gave the opportunity and pressure enticed the other…… using sex as bait… are they playing the devil and Daniel Webster. And what’s funny most of those police officers that do these undercover operations are Christians, so should they be playing the devil’s advocate?