Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



LOL so now your saying each county has to go thru every criminal case find each sex offender then determine which ones are due relief then send to Harrisburg then they start taking people off reg but they have to wait for new bill to kick in for some reason? Wow Here is where the problem is your so called friend if they do not work in the ML sec in Harrisburg then they don’t know squat how this works. Sounds like Perry co maybe the guy who does updates on the machine at the barracks? Anyway PSP ML sec will go thru each case they have most likely each PSP ML person has a section of the alphabet just like when you call they go by your name to transfer you to someone. The person then has to go thru each case and decide who is due relief then how long the person has been on reg less any time in jail or time tolled, then remove them and again PSP has testified they need 18mo to do this.