Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I have read through these posts and it is clear that there is a lot of confusion out there. I am an RSO in Pennsylvania and I have been following this case closely. I have heartfelt thanks for the PA Supreme Court justices who had the courage to rule in accordance with the State and Federal Constitution in this case. It takes a good deal of wisdom and bravery, don’t forget these are elected officials. And they are mostly Democrats, which exposes them to the demagoguery of the Right who will claim they are soft on crime (I am not making a partisan statement; the Left is equally if not more responsible for these insane laws, but in this case the decision in our favor comes from the Left and I am happy to congratulate these Justices for it). I also believe that SCOTUS made the correct decision by denying to hear the case from the evil and deranged District Attorney of Cumberland County, and overall there have now been a string of court decisions in our favor that auger well for the future. The State Legislature is trying to save their precious registry with yet another unconstitutional law and as usual, this is bipartisan because politicians on both sides can pander and virtue signal to an ignorant public. RSOs are one of the few groups left in society that can be scapegoated and persecuted with impunity, and so it will continue until cultural attitudes change. I believe this is happening, and I am as hopeful for the future as I have been in a long time. In my own case, I am working with my attorney to see what can be done, but I have a sense that my pre-2012 conviction will qualify me for a reduction from 15 years to 10, if not outright removal from the registry. I am also thankful to NARSOL for everything they do, and I am happy to contribute what I can to an organization that is working for us, and keeping us informed on important developments both good and bad. I hope NARSOL can organize a conference call soon to cover the situation in PA with some intelligent and well-informed speakers. It is a great concern to me that so many people appear to be reading their own interpretations into this decision, or operating on hearsay, which may or may not be correct. It is vitally important that we all have a correct understanding of this decision and that we continue to work together to fight these horrible laws.