Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


The one thing 100% sure about us, they can’t increase our time past 10 years. So at the very worse, the first year we will not have to report is 2021 if it goes down that way. I believe they are not worried about you and I, The 10 year people, but want to stop the 25 year and life timers from getting off.
Important to remember, Muniz says our time is only 10 years, but under Muniz we have to finish our 10 years.Yet, due to Megans Law 3 being declared illegal in Commonwealth v Neiman, there is no registry to stick us onto. HB 1952 as currently written, will allows us to leave without finishing our 10 years.
That are a lot of moving parts that could change today’s picture.

Remember, 1952 can change 1,000 times until it is passed.