Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I will not argue the point that they are honor/duty bound to do their job. And at one point in my life I held the PSP in high regard. Even had aspirations of becoming a trooper
That being said.
When gay marriage was declared legal in this state, the courthouses were packed the next day.
When 18,000 of us were deemed to be subjected to unconstitutional punishment the politicians started finding ways around the ruling.
I feel that our liberation or condemnation hangs in the balance of HB1952.
Muniz case effected pre December-20-2012… off of registry
HB1952 states a lot of IF….THEN……UNLESS
Muniz was a victory, but in a single battle.
HB1952 is “THE GADGET” to our Hiroshima