Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


They have a court order. They can’t just ‘do nothing’ However, it is plausible HB 1952 being passed could affect who gets off. Trust me, they are not goin to simply ‘ignore’ a court order. It is possible that they may receive an order that 1952 counteracts Muniz, but that is not ignoring Muniz.
You have to remember that PSP is a law enforcement agency. They will enforce what is the law. Currrently, the Law is SORNA being appilied retroactively is Legal. Yes SCOTUS has made its decision but it is not official yet. As soon as someone with authority, the attorney general, tells them that the law has changed, they will enforce the new law.
I grant you they hate the SCOTUS decision, and they may remove people with a grumbling attitude, but they will do it if that is the law.
Patience my brothers. It sucks waiting but we have to give them the chance to do their job. Everyone involved. Unfortunately, that takes time.
Remember it is possible that the AG says ‘HB 1952 cancels out Muniz”. If that happens, PSP will not ‘ignore’ Muniz but be forced to enforce 1952.
See the difference?