Reply To: NARSOL’s Vander Wall selected as JLUSA Fellow

Phys Ed

Congrats, Rob! The movement desperately needs “Doers”.
I’d do more myself if I weren’t still stuck on “Supervised Release” after three years because I opted out of the “treatment” phase as well as the “Polygraph” phase. What really turned me off was the ALL CASH modus operendi of these people who supply “treatment” who don’t even have PHDs in the psychological skills they purport to have. All they do is drain a captive clientele of money while threatening them with a return to prison if they don’t comply with all the unconstitutional crap and ill usage they are afflicted with on these programs. As a result, my “supervisor” punishes me by refusing me permission to travel anywhere outside my “plantation”. Basically, I live like a field n*gg*r in the antebellum south. Oh yes…and I’m “uppity” as well.