Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

terry brunson

The PSP is is not going to follow the PASC mandate update. . . . They what to wait for HB 1952 passing. In that wait Unconstitutional injustice is going on. July 19, 2017 was the effective date of MUNIZ and 17 Oct 2017 was the 90 effective date to apply MUNIZ in the Commonwealth.

What is the wait for now 22 JANUARY 2018 is the Federal Cert denial date. . .

I will tell you what the wait is for now. Pa. Senate vote on HB 1952 to move to Governor’s desk. For signature . . . . That may happen in Feb or March 2018. They the PSP will have a law to back their actions. . . . They have a law now. . It is called Muniz decision – The PASC will issue their mandate within 10 days from 22 January 2018.

We are talking 5 Feb 2018 a mandate order will go to the PAG office on Muniz from the PASC return of MUNIZ from the SCOTUS. The PAG must give instructions to PSP immediately to follow Muniz order. The PSP don’t like MUNIZ decision, so they will make up a 18 month delay excuse to pan through case by case 21,000 RSO files to see who MUNIZ helps. It will be mostly people that got 10 years Megan’s Law increased to 15 or 25 or Non SVP life.

These have automatic removal hands donwn. . . . And this is the Muniz fix the PSP knows – After that then the Pre- Sorna people that have time leaft on their TEN years. Then therer is the Non SVP liftime people and the SVP’s.

They will get the HB 1952 treatment – of needing a judicial determination from a court – PSP will appeal that determination to PASC on an applied case which means the ruling only applies to those named in the appeal. Same as NON-PRECEDENT . . . . . application THIS IS B_LL SH_T-

a WRIT OF MANDAMUS WOULD STOP ALL THIS IN IT’S TRACKS. And a call for summary relief under R.A.P. Rules 1532 (a) and (b) to commonwealth Court in Harrisburg which is the first level of appeal court that can hear issue by taking Jurisdiction from a trial court or court of common plea in SORNA matters to madate to PSP follow HB 1952 instructions on page 9 lines 24 – 30 . Page 109 or 111 in edited HB 1952 and page 57 lines 8 through 9 about the MUNIZ case application of Law to all not just some pre-SORNA people. Don’t for get the service the PAG and the PSP by R.A.P. rule 1514(c) certified mail . Filing fee is $65.50 by money order.
terry brunson