Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

terry brunson

@ Cary
Finally someone on here understands the judicial determination of HB 1952 Amen.

I filed Mandamus Write 13 Oct 2017 and I almost got taken off the court docket of 463 MD 2017 for not servicing PAG and PSP by certified mail by R.A.P. rules 1514(c) but thank God for R.A.P. rule 1532(b) which I filed proof of service on January 5, 2018 by certified mail. I am in wait of PAG and PSP response to my brief on Muniz and Reed, and Nieman, I am one who will be negatively affected by the passing of HB 1952 and I amended my brief to reflect the Ex post facto elements and the reputation shaming elements of postin =g me on PSP web-site and lack of due process rights to challenge facts on how am I a danger to public just by being by statue under Megan’s Law – I also fight had showing that as of 20 December 2012 all old Megan’s Laws were expired and are today not enforceable laws to Per-SORNA RSO’s in this Commonwealth.

I will not have to wait no 18 months – if the PAG and the PSP ask for 30 days extension I will object on base that summary relief should have no delays at all. I am under unconstitutional oppression that need conjunctive relief now. Mandamus is meant to mandate justice in the Now.

The PSP wants to begin Muniz removal at their pace. they want HB 1952 in place when they start – so they can keep pre -SORNA people that are not done with their time and non SVP lifetime people and SVP pre-SORNA on the registry and force a judicial determination court challenge that they will appeal. There is an automatic stay in the HB 1952 that will keep
pre-SORNA people on the registry even when the judicial determination has been made and ordered. The PSP plans to appeal all the way to the SCOTUS. And the lower courts will put on ecag case NON-PRECEDENT CASE. . . . . Meaning it only applies to that individual…….

MUNIZ is not a NON-PRECEDENT case court – it is a PRECEDENT Case that all can use under equal protections of Law rights. NON – PRECEDENT cases have no equal protection rights but for that person it applies to.

I try to explain this to Chuck and other on this site but I don’t think they understand the depth of this fight to keep RSO’s on the registry at any cost to justice and all ways to undermine justice on this issue.

I been studying this fight since the Law Library days in Texas. And I am in the Temple Law Library now fighting to cut the PAG and PSP off at the pass. I have a spiritual connection to this fight and I have been chosen to take on HB 1952 to fight it from the door. It is not Law yet. PSP will give all 90 days notice when this HB 1952 become law to re-register under this new Pre-SORNA law if your time has not expired on a TEN year bi or NoN SVP life time or SVP . . . . . If your time has expired and you get relief from MUNIZ – that is the Judical determination that will protect you all but not those who still have tine to do on the registry as time remaining or Life time non SVP and SVP. I tried to explain it if you don’t understand mw- you will understand how the PAG abd PSP will apply HB 1952 . . . . I am done talking I got to get back to the Court fight…. Terry Brunson