Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

J. Smith

Florida. Offense in January 1997. Sentenced April 1998 to regular probation (no jail time; no such thing as sex offender probation at that time). Was told TWICE by attorney prior to sentencing that I would NOT be designated as a sex offender and would NOT be subject to sex offender registration and public notification, and he advised me to enter a plea of guilty, which I did based on HIS advice that I did NOT qualify for SO registration, etc. After 30 days to appeal had passed, probation office then informed me they would be taking my photo and all my info would be posted on Florida’s sex offender website for the entire world to see. Called attorney right away. He stated he did not know they were doing this and that he would file a lawsuit or appeal, and reiterated a THIRD time that I did not qualify for registration and public notification. Needless to say, he dropped the ball. I had absolutely no clue about any other legal remedies available (habeus corpus, etc.) and, even had I known, was flat broke. The attorney later admitted that he misrepresented me in court. Needless to say, ALL State and Federal statutes enacted since then have been retroactively applied to me, subjecting both my family and me to one hellish nightmare!