Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


As for me one other post in my case only as i know and my friend from psp say my case is not going to be need a so called judicial determination and have nothing to do with the 18mo PSP was saying they need to get those who are left on the registery of the HB 1952 bill. I am not going to speak for everyone else because im not a psp worker nor an attorney and i am only speaking on my behalf in my case and situation. For the rest of you all im not sure how or when cause i do not know your situations and things and i dont want to take the time to look at all your cases cause im not an attorney or work for one. Im only going by what my friend in psp sex offender registry had told me. That’s all im saying. You all can say what you want and thats ok. Everyone has their own unique way of knowing whats going on with your own cases.