Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Paul, obviously you did not read the bill directly and correctedly. Once again HB 1952 will take into effect immediately. As soon as psp gets the bill they are to start working on it. Each county in PSP will be on the same boat. They can pull out from each county not very many in certain county like mine. My psp county has about 1,200 registered sex offenders. It does not take 18 months for those who have their time past due over the 10 year mark to be automatically be taking off the registery. Each county will be shifting threw people on the registery. Not just a few psp people to shift threw in Harrisburg. Each county will send out paper work as soon as possible to Harrisburg and they get it in and they go and remove people in stacks. Not just 1 big stack of all county for the entire state. If so then it will take more than 18 months for everyone at the same time to be effectively on HB 1952 bill. It starts immediately. There is no delay. PSP just wants to get it done as fast as they can. They are not going to drag feet and sit on there chairs looking at each person carefully all in 1 big stack of all of PA registery. I have a great friend of mine who works in PSP in the section of the sex offender registery that has been updated. He said, that every PSP worker is updated on things and he deals with the registry. He does not work in my county but he works next county over. He has been working there ever since SORNA kicked in. I am not an Attorney or nor did i ever worked for PSP or anything of its contents. I am just a great friend who works at the psp sex offender registry part of it. Im going by what he said to me earlier within 8 hours ago. Before that a few days ago he had no updates on anything but whats going on at the time. PSP will be updating things and it will appear on the psp website in sex offender registry section once it is fully functional on their part on the HB 1952. Until then it remains the same. Im now going to sit and just read everyon’s comments and just enjoy the readings. This will be my last post for a while. I will post one more time once im off the registry.