Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


PSP said they need 18mo to determine who is effected by Muniz so how would your case be different and why are you assuming PSP will figure out who goes on new law before they just send letters out to everyone on reg now. If PSP said they need 18mo to figure out all the cases and the new law kicks in soon how will they know who gets automatic removal there is no automatic removal everyone due relief will have to wait until PSP gets around to it and by the looks of it the 18mo starts in a few weeks. The only people getting off are the ones that had enhancements from SORNA increasing their time. The PSP has to see how much time your case has been tolled for any violations or time in jail after your original case and make sure that Muniz applies to your case nothing automatic about it The new bill says anyone that their time has expired PSP has to prove your time has expired everyone due relief is in the same 18mo boat. Only way to speed it up is a writ to the court forcing them to do it quicker.