Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I never said i was leaving PA. Just another part of PA. As for me getting off the registry automatically is due to me being sentenced in 1999 and my 10 years of 2014 and registration for me started in 2003. The psp does not follow calender year it required an extra year. But my sentence is only for 10 years originally until SORNA kicked in. Now the HB 1952 bill if you read it threw. It states for those who has been originated original sentence that time been served on the registery the HB 1952 bill will NOT be applied and will be taking off the registery automatically. For those who still time remains will be on the HB 1952. Those who are remained on the HB 1952 will have to go to court and apply to be taking off the registery. Please read the bill. It explains that part in the simplest form. I as well had spoken to PSP and they are saying they are going to start taking people off before July hits.