Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

HB 1952 is not Law in Pa. yet – It will take a 90 day wait time after the Governor signature. Muniz can stop Laws like HB 1952 if pre-SORNA people do what the coming law says. . . on page 111 get a “Judicial determination” Page 57 mentions Muniz only as a fix for pre-SORNA people that finished TEN years on Megan’s Law 1 -2 or 3.

This is the so called MUNIZ fix. See page 57 of HB 1952 – But there is more they say that keep pre-SORNA people who Ten year time has not expired yet and non SVP Lifetime and SVP pre-SORNA people.
Muniz decision should remove the names of all Pre-SORNA people [.]

Sorna expired all old Megan’s Laws. PSP wants to revert people back to where they were on 20 Dec 2012, but Muniz says different.

Right now there is no enforceable Megan’s Law in Pa. Only SORNA which cannot be enforced. But we been waiting in compliance to keep order a peace and from going to jail because the stinkin’ thinkin’ of the PSP who don’t want to follow the law. Muniz is a law of the land but the PSP ignores it.

Not they want HB 1952 to hurry up and come through the pipe and become law.

Muniz was denied and noe an order will be here soon for PSP to follow. But will they follow the the law?.