Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian
The Pa. Senate is not like the Pa. House. The House can be manipulated to vote in ignorance of the Bills substance. HB 1952 had an over kill vote of all 188 representatives of the house.

The Bill went to the Senate where it sits now waiting to be picked up off the table to look at it.

The senate will not call for a vote until it ask for the question call. And then a debate call on pro and con on public safety.

This is where the Bill can die – if the HB 1952 continues – to the Governor. He can VETO the Bill or sign the bill or let it sit on his desk 10 day and by operation of law will become law any way with no signature from the Governor.

I pray that the PSP see that same thing that Chuck says about judicial determination being Muniz decision. But talking to PSP ML Section they are not saying what Chuck is saying. They are saying HB 1952 is a Muniz fit for pRE-SORNA people who are done Ten years. That is the Muniz legislature fix. But Pre-SORNA people that still have time and Life time now SVP and SVP they will be stuck with retroactive application of HB 1952 – Page 57 speacks of Buler and Muniz only as relating to Per-SORNA people that are done Ten years of original registration.

Page 66-68 of HB 1952 goes on to talk about keeping people on the registry that have time not expired and life time non – and SVP pre-sorna PEOPLE.

They as you read on in the Hb 1952 you come to page 111. talking about the “Judicial Determination”

Muniz by PASC decision should be applied by their order that they will give to PAG to give order to the PSP to remove names of all Pre-SORNA people.

The PAG and the PSP will bring up HB 1952 as a delay to see if a compromise could be reached instead of obeying The PASC mandate of Law. The PSP is in favor of a case by case judicial determination from the courts to show that all the punitive stuff has been taken off. HB 1952 should keep Pre-SORNA people who ten years is not up , Non life time -and SVP must stay under HB 1952 with the less restrictions.

I say this is a stupid bill. Reality is this: All Megan’s Laws were expired at the date 20 December 2012 when SORNA was enacted into law. Expired Law without repeal “Saving Clause” cannot come back to life. That is the reason for the New Law for pre-SORNA people called HB 1952. Because their is no revert Megan’s Law’s to revert Pre-SORNA people back to. The Pa. Assembly and the PAG’s and the PSP are holding Pre-Sorna people to SORNA requirements now . . . . .UNTIL THEY UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE WRONG.

We ROS’s are at the whim of crazy people in the PSP – you have to keep in compliance until they see the Muniz – denial. When they see that they will next try to hold Pre-SORNA people to obey HB 1952 until that is knocked out the way. . . CAN ANY ONE SEE THE CRAZINESS OF ALL THIS?