Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Terry
Apologies if I missed the answer to Mark’s question… I’ve got the flu, and am not at my best, so it’s very likely I missed it…

My understanding is tomorrow the SCOTUS will issue their denial. Doing so releases it back to the PASC who will then finish writing up their paperwork and summary and such. The question I have is are they able to include something that specifically says that PRE SORNA people are protected from future ex post facto laws thus completely shutting down HB 1952 before it even gets voted on… Listening to you it kind of sounds like that’s already sort of in there, but it’s one of those yeah it’s sort of in there but maybe it isn’t legal mumbo jumbo, I mean are they able to put it out there pretty bluntly to smack them down hard?