Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Under HB 1952 If your time has expired – The PSP will automatically remove your name off the registry.

It is the pre-SORNA people that have time remaining on their ten year bit and life time and SVP.

The main problem with HB1952 is that it is a creation Law to target a group that the PASC gave relief to under Muniz.

Freed talked to the Pa. Judicial Committee to present this HB 1952 to the Pa. Assembly – They think the Pre-SORNA issue was the Punitive elements that gave Muniz his win…

That was apart of it but mostly it was the retroactive application that nailed the decision down. Sorna did increase punishments 10 to 15 to 25 to life and quarterly updates. Free told the PSP and PAG to get rid of that and the PASC will accept the rules of 1952 – and if anyone don’t agree – they can file for a judicial determination case by case to get off the registry.

Muniz should be applied automatically but the PSP and the PAG will want a case by case judicial determination by a court decision – If you read HB 1952 page 109 you will see the wording that I am talking about.

Many on this site here disagree with my saying this but when the PSP bring it to them it will be clear that is how they understand HB 1952 page 109 when it talks about getting a judicial determination from a commonwealth court or a Superior court