Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


Vigilantism…. Seems we have Popyee and Bruto trying to eat wimpee’s hamburger. Seems all you all are fightening and getting upset over this registry thing. Whether you all believe the bible is a fairytail or something out of the grim reaper time’s magazine. You need to take a look at yourself. Seems like everybody has his or her point on here. Me well I can’t spell and seem like I know nothing.
Well I do know judge not or your’ll be judged. Now I can’t judge any of you all. I can’t even judge myself sometimes. We are all sinners ok if that makes sense. Sure the bible says vengence is mine. These sex registry things are viglient yes. Sure I dont’ want to see anyone duped by this man made stuff or hurting a child or teen. Now if any of you all can explain why I ask for no sex than answer. Can any of you explain why my PO told me I wish you wouldn’t bring your bible in here or why he told me for the next 10 I’m the man. Its all about morals not who wants to have more power on the block in your neighborhood. Nothing wrong with a little gospel. Thank you very much Maestro. and I haven’t even read the whole bible cover to cover yet. I wonder if the thief on the cross read the bible. Theirs meaning in that also.