Reply To: The sex offender registry: an invitation for vigilantism


I spoke up to the guy a couple weeks ago and normally when I know he’s targeting me I ask if there’s a problem and he normally cowers and goes about his work, I know I may be complaining a bit but I am very grateful to be working, I have lost a few jobs due to someone calling up my employer or coworkers that feel threatened that they may loose their job because I’m a much harder worker , so they start snooping and trying to find dirt on other people then they find my background through google or whatever means they use. I was thinking if they could set up sting operations for vigilantes, like they could set up a fake employer address and stuff on an SO’s profile but get a judge to sign off on it so they can’t turn the table on the SO, then snag these sons a bitches up and arrest their asses this time, they say it’s illegal to harass us but don’t enforce it, that’s a crafty way to fix that problem but I don’t see them doing that. Or having leo’s Hide out in an SO’s house waiting for vigilantes to vandalize their home and nail them. Just a thought.