Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I can tell how the SCOTUS moves – The Feed Cert will be denied at the first conference call.
What can Freed offer the Justices that Ohio – Maryland – Michigan – and other states that Cert to the SCOTUS and were denied.

Cert Writs work when federal Circuit Court conflict – and the SCOTUS needs to weigh in their voice to rest the conflict.

In Muniz there is no conflict – It was the PASC decision that spoke clear and loud with a majority vote on Muniz. The PASC is tired of Pa. legislatures adding more BS to RSO’s. The PASC is trying to be nice to keep the peace but too much is too much. RSO’s have rights too.

HB 1952 had a clear vote in the PA. house, But the Senate is not like the house. There will be questions, and debate at the senate level.

The chief question is – will HB 1952 clear the constitutional muster of the PASC. No one will know that until it becomes law and someone – like me challenges it from the gate.

I put it in my brief and I am waiting to hear from the PSP by opposition brief. There is not much they can oppose.

The judge gave a new order to the PSP to have a brief in 30 days after I service them by rule 1514(c) certified mail and I have done that by proof of service. I am ready to move on now. The PAG lawyer is hot now that the judge did not dismiss and close my case and had me start all over again.

I made a pleading by rule 1532(b) which says they don’t have to close my case due to service mistake. I am going to ask the count to hold the PAG and PSP to limited request for continuance. That is a delay tactic that they like to use.
Mandamus rules on summary relief should not be delayed for not reason other than discovery of witness finding. There is nothing like that in my case.

Delays will be objected to by me. . . . I do thank all for support on this venture. I am not a lawyer, but I know where I am being lead to go.

I don’t think the PAG’s know what HB 1952 is. The PSP knows what it is. They want it to ignore Muniz demands. . . . .