Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


I commend you for your courage to come forth in a public forum to receive the ridicule you obviously are and will face. Personally, I am in this category as well. I believe, with all the upper echelon of our society starting to be accused of sexual assault (news media description: sexual misconduct), we as a segregated group of people, discriminated against, stigmatized and persecuted by our peers as outcast have an excellent opportunity to petition the President, Donald Trump and our Congress of this great nation to “Abolish The Sex Offender Registry.” Why? Donald Trump if a common citizen would be charged and convicted of sexual offense at minimum, based on the news media. Bill Clinton would be charged and convicted of sexual offense, based on the news media. Over 100 men in Hollywood would be charged and convicted of sexual assault and other sexual offenses which are classified in most states as “Aggravated” offenses, requiring lifetime registration. Really! What is astonishing to me is our peers see no issues with people who kill people, drunk drive and kill people, rob and assault people, steal and break in to peoples businesses and homes, and never have to register for anything but their license, ID, food stamps, or job searches, or perhaps… disability. Really! Why is it so easy to see the “SEX” crime any different than terrorist, murderers, thieves, robbers, arsonist, credit card fraud…etc? The fact of this discussion is: Nobody should be denied the inalienable rights as a citizen of the United States, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights this Nation was founded on. I am appalled at the ignorance of “We The People”. I would propose as yourself, with almost one million sex offenders, we unite as the African Americans, the Gay Lesbians, and other groups to seek “Redress of Grievance” from our President and Congress. Our State legislation will only do What our Supreme Court of the United States makes “Law of the Land.” People change, Society Evolves, and we as a “class of people” should have the same rights, privileges, and quality of life as everyone else. We are not in prison! We have paid the penalty/s. Sex Offender Registry is Punitive, and Unequal Protection of the Law. I wish you and the rest of the “Alleged sex offenders” success.