Reply To: PA’s “sexually violent predator” process ruled unconstitutional



There are a lot of more sick criminals out there, and I’m talking about ruthless violent people who will kill in a heartbeat…just watch “The first 48.” Almost all of those offenders are repeat violent offenders. Contrary to popular opinion, the public doesn’t want most of your non violent sex offenders on the registry. They did not vote for it. If they were able to vote for it, they would most certainly want the names and addresses of car jackers, murderers, and violent felons over young men and women who made one mistake who hurt no one. It is the lawmakers who have made the sex offenders the premier hated group in America….only America I might add. I believe it is because they are hiding their own sickness by taking it out on people who have an extremely low chance to reoffend….that is the non violent sex offender!